Being the leading out-of-home media service provider with most diversified portfolio of media types and nationwide coverage spanning cross Bangkok and upcountry, Plan B Media Public Company Limited offers a wide variety of advertising media platforms through innovation and technology as well as provides media maintenance services that meet international standards, addressing the needs of brand owners in reaching target customers effectively.

The Company has been in active pursuit of extensive content development to serve the needs of brand and product owners in all dimensions as well as appealing marketing planning consultation and creation of interesting content.

The Company’s out-of-home media business can be classified into 6 key categories as follow

  1. Transit Media
  2. Classic Media
  3. Digital Media
  4. Retail Media
  5. Airport Media
  6. Online Media

Apart from expanding and developing the out-of-home media channels, the Company is committed to diversifying media portfolio through engagement marketing business by deploying 3 types of quality content, namely sports marketing, artist management, and esports & gaming. These 3 types of content have different target groups and help engage consumers and product and service brands in different ways. Not only the engagement marketing business will generate revenue for the Company, but this new business also enables other types of out-of-home media to enjoy higher utilization rates. This builds on existing out-of-home media business and allows the Company to be able to reach customers through a broader range of channels. Sports Marketing.

  1. Sports Marketing
  2. Artist management
  3. eSports & Gaming

Transit Media
Classic Media
Digital Media
Retail Media
Airport Media
Online Media
Sports Marketing
Artist Management
ESporst & Gaming