The Company is committed to sustainable business conduct by prioritizing good corporate governance and adequate internal control process. Anti-corruption policy is properly set to cover all activities undertaken by the Company and corruption is clearly defined while guidelines are provided for activities that may lead to corruption. Communication on anti-corruption is regularly made to internal and external parties.

Note that the Company investigates and assesses corruption risk from its business activities as well as issues control measures to monitor work processes with potential corruption to ensure that business is undertaken with honest and transparency to prevent corruption. Company also provides various channels for stakeholders to expose information on wrongdoing, send suggestions and file complaints related to corruption directly to the Audit Committee. The Company is currently certified as a member of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC).

Monitoring Process

The Company requires executive and employees at all levels to perform their duties with honesty and transparency, strictly in compliance with laws and anti-corruption policy as well as refrain from engaging in any action to seek personal benefit and benefit of close persons.


  • 100% of employees were aware, educated and tested regarding their understanding and knowledge on good corporate governance policy and business code of conduct. The Company set the target that employees at all levels must adhere to good corporate governance guidelines to prevent and mitigate risks that may arise from corruption and violation of applicable laws and regulations.
  • There is no case of corruption.

Whistleblowing Channels and Report on Corruption and Violation of Regulations and Business Code of Conduct.

The Company encourages executives and employees to conduct business with rightfulness, transparency, fairness and accountability in accordance with good corporate governance and the Company’s business code of conduct. Therefore, the Company set whistleblowing policy in case of wrongdoing, violation of rights or complaint to protect whistleblowers.

The Company provides whistleblowing process and channels to accept and handle whistleblowing and complaints from all stakeholders. For whistleblowing and complaint, please contact the Audit Committee consisting of independently directors per following

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