Message from the Chairman

Pol.Gen Somchai Vanichsenee
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dear Shareholders

Year 2016 marked the beginning of the second decade of Plan B Media Public Company Limited in doing business. Plan B continued to put its efforts on business expansion in growing media network organically and inorganically through M&A activities in both Thailand and abroad. These are considered business imperatives for the Company to lay a strong foundation and maintain its competitiveness in the long run in order to strengthen the organization to support future aspirations.

Despite its ever expanding business according to growth-led strategies, the Board of Directors and management team is never complacent as uncertainties lie in economic conditions and advertising industry itself. Therefore, the Company ensures prudent risk management throughout the organization in conducting business as usual as well as considering new investments. Good corporate governance policies and supervision and monitoring are in place to control, manage and mitigate risks to remain under an acceptable level. This is to guarantee that the Company will operate its business without deviation from its direction to attain the Company’s goals.

Sustainability in business is also stressed as good corporate governance, morals, ethics, transparency and responsibility to society and environment are strictly observed in the organization. We have a strong belief that good corporate governance will help create added values and gain trust among shareholders, investors and all stakeholders in the long term. The Company also signed a joint declaration with the Thai Private Sector’s Collective Action Coalition for Anti-Corruptions and is progressing on anti-corruption process development to meet international standards.

With regard to responsibilities to society and the environment, the Company gave top priority to social responsibility through various public projects and activities to enhance quality of life of people in the society especially social responsibility in conducting its business. For instance, the Company joined Punfun Punyim Company Limited, a cooperation organization with the objective to help people and youth who seek financial assistance on health care in launching a PR campaign by using the Company’s advertising media without charges. Two projects were initiated under this endeavor; “Mahajanaka for the Blind” and “Digital for Dek-D”. Moreover, the Company continued to focus on organization and human resources development to improve competitiveness through quality management process that encourages employees to innovate and participate in direction setting of the organization.

On behalf on the Board of Directors, executives and employees of Plan B Media Public Company Limited, I would like to extend a sincere appreciation to shareholders, government agencies, customers, business partners as well as our staff for your trust and continuous support. Shareholders can rest assured that Plan B is committed to creating returns and conducting business under good corporate governance principles in order to achieve sustainable business growth.