Message from the Chairman

Pol.Gen Somchai Vanichsenee
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dear Shareholders

Plan B’s unabated commitment to growth was reflected in our efforts throughout the year 2017 in developing our business in advertising media emphasizing on out-of-home media and business expansion to ASEAN region. We continue to offer a great variety of media innovations in order to maintain and enhance our capabilities and competitiveness both locally and regionally.

Not only that Plan B has put in place clear strategies to maintain stable growth, but the Board and executives also foster work culture and approaches that nurture sustainability of the organization. Human capital development is among our priorities in business focusing on preparing employees to be agile and embrace potential economic and social changes. Readiness to respond to these situations is crucial in capitalising future investment and business opportunities as well as leveraging on the Company’s resources and potentials in order to lay a strong foundation in conducting our business with highest efficiency.

What’s more, the Company thrives on doing its business to attain sustainable growth under good corporate governance principle, ethics, transparency and social and environmental responsibility. With our commitment to good corporate governance, the Company received an honour in 2017 from Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) as our corporate governance was rated “Excellent” and in top quartile for the group of securities with market value over THB 10,000 million. This is a confirmation to our belief that good corporate governance can create values for as well as build trust among shareholders, investors and all stakeholders in the long run.

Despite our aggressive growth aspiration, the Company never compromises on our responsibility to economy, society and environment. The Company encourages its employees to participate in and support activities that are beneficial to the community as well as help minimize negative social impacts from the Company’s business. In 2017, the Board, executives and employees initiated and organized a number of activities and projects that helped make the society and the community a better place to live. For instance, Planting the Mind Trees Following the King’s Approach Project to improve general well-being of the people, the environment and the coastal ecosystem as well as to create jobs in the areas.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, executives and employees of Plan B Media Public Company Limited, I would like to show our appreciation to shareholders, government agencies, customers, business partners including our staff for trust and support they have been giving us. Our shareholders can rest assured that with the sustainable development approach we adopted and implemented in all aspects of our business, Plan B is in active pursuit of stable and long-term growth and profitability for the best interest of our stakeholders.