Message from the CEO and MD

Mr. Palin Lojanagosin
Chief Executive Officer
Pinijsorn Luechaikajohnpan ,Ph.D.
Managing Director

Dear Shareholders

Behind our success story in 2017 is the irrepressible dedication of Plan B’s team. Without that it would be impossible to face challenges the year brought upon us either it was the overall economic slowdown or rapid changes in advertising media industry that put a dent on short-term performances. In general, advertising market recorded a total value of 101,446 million baht or plunged 6% from the previous year. Everyone at Plan B including myself are deeply committed to our vision and mission mainly through a diversification and expansion of out of home media to assist product and service owners in communicating effectively to consumers and an implementation of information technology to our operations to automate processes and enhance work efficiency. The results are a reflection of our efforts as our total revenue shot up 23% to top 3,006 million baht, moving in tandem with profitability that also registered an outstanding 31% growth or equivalent to 461 million baht.

We are delighted with Plan B’s current growth as it drove out of home media value up 13% despite a decline in overall advertising media industry as well as all other advertising media. This confirms us not only as a true leader in out of home media business but also agility and readiness of the Company and its people in adapting to and embracing changes in economic and industrial conditions that are increasingly volatile.

It is also appropriate to recall a recent development that we take pride in. The commencement of our sports marketing business that Plan B was granted the rights in managing the interests of the Football Association of Thailand under Patronage of His Majesty the King (“FAT”) and Thai League Company Limited to generate commercial revenue from different channels. This additional revenue will bring about extra budgets that FAT can utilize in developing and elevating standards of Thai football according to FAT’s policy. I regard this business as an honor to Plan B as we have this precious opportunity to help develop Thailand’s sports as well as promote Thailand’s professional league competition to match with the world class professional tournaments. Furthermore, Plan B participated in supporting capability development of all Thai football teams from youth level to Thailand national team both men and women to have a quality comparable to international standards. Another significant step worth mentioning is our business expansion overseas in Lao People’s Democratic Republic and the Philippines in the past year. With this addition, our service footprint currently spans across 4 countries including Malaysia and Indonesia where we established our presence earlier. This is considered a major advantage for Plan B to convince large multinational corporations with consumer bases across various territories. Our business expansion to attain regional coverage in offering out of home media is on track as our ASEAN OOH Media Network Package is gaining traction. It is within reach for Plan B to meet its goal in becoming a leading regional out of home advertising media service provider in the near future.

To assert our status as an innovation leader for our of home advertising media, Plan B consistently introduces eye-catching and captivating advertising media that offer unique experiences for consumers. In the near future, Plan B is more than ready to present new innovations that will enhance values of its adverting media such as the “Audience Measurement” technology, an analytics tool that will enable marketers to accurately calculate return on investment of their advertising spend. Plus, the Company is soon to launch a new digital media development called “Dynamic Display” that selects media and adjusts displays according to surrounding target audience at a specific time. This customized targeting will further enhance brand awareness as consumers will better recognize and recall brands

On top of our business development in media arena, I also put capability building of our Plan B team as a high priority to enhance our competitiveness in a sustainable manner. During the past year, we have a strong intention to develop our sales force and after-sales service team through a knowledge exchange program that helps transfer marketing expertise and share experience in advertising business with international advertising agencies who are our business partners. This program is beneficial to Plan B not only that it enhances relationship with advertising agencies but also broaden marketing perspectives of our team. This initiative definitely moves our service level closer to international standards as well as enables us to maximize our customers’ satisfaction.

Collaboration and support from all stakeholders contributed greatly to our success in the past year. I would like to thank our shareholders, customers, business partners, employees and alliances including all parties for your continued support. I promise that Plan B’s employees and myself will stay on our course in committing ourselves to run the business at its full capacity in order to grow the business under good corporate governance to achieve everlasting and sustainable growth.